What is the best practice to create a custom settings/configuration page for front-end users?

Hi,    I am new to Mendix and having a hard time finding the best practice to create a settings/configuration page where front-end administrators of the app can provide e.g. API keys, URLs or similar settings, and configurations.    I've considered creating an 'AppSettings' entity in the domain model, populating it with a single record, and then calling upon this record from the front end. While I believe this could work, is seems to be a little sloppy solution.   I'm curious to learn how others have tackled this situation. Are there best practices or more effective methods for achieving this task? I appreciate any insights or suggestions you might have to offer. Thank you!
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Why do you consider it a sloppy solution? A setting object would indeed be a single record if the setting is application wide. And it can have multiple records if you want different settings for different customer / users.

You could use a datasource microflow that just retrieves the first record of that entity or it creates one in none can be found (for at the start when no object is there yet).





Actually you did good. Your proposed solution is common practice. Ronald’s datasource microflow suggestion will look something like this:

And the entity:

In this case the configuration gets prefilled with a apikey and endpoint. Need not be the case for you.