Need help with IT Ticketing Tool app

Need Guidance on how I can proceed with   So I am creating a IT ticketing tool, where there will be manager dashboard, IT dashboard, Hr Dashboard and User Dashboard   What I want is On Sign Up page, apart from name, email and Password I want another dropdown where I can select the roles like manager, user, It, Hr User can sign up only with the role they have selected So if User is signed as a User then he will be navigated to User Dashboard and vice versa   So how can I create this roles and how can I add validation where once signed in using the email, the user will be navigated to the specific page.
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Hi Prajyot,


To implement this functionality in a Mendix application, you can follow these steps:

1. Open your Mendix application in the Mendix Modeler.
2. Navigate to the Sign Up page in the app, where you want to add the role dropdown.
3. Drag and drop a Dropdown widget from the Toolbox onto the Sign Up page.
4. Configure the Dropdown widget by adding the different role options (e.g., manager, user, IT, HR). You can set the caption and value for each option.
5. Add a microflow or a nanoflow that will handle the logic of navigating the user to the appropriate dashboard based on the selected role.
6. To create the microflow, go to the "Navigation" folder in the Project Explorer, right-click, and select "Add Microflow" or "Add Nanoflow" depending on your preference.
7. In the microflow or nanoflow, add a Decision activity to check the selected role from the dropdown.
8. Configure the Decision activity to have multiple conditional flows based on the selected role. For example, if the selected role is "User," connect the corresponding flow to navigate the user to the User Dashboard page.
9. Similarly, add conditional flows for each role option, connecting them to the respective dashboard pages.
10. Add an End activity to terminate the microflow or nanoflow after navigating the user to the appropriate dashboard.
11. Go back to the Sign Up page and double-click on the Sign Up button or any other relevant button/widget to open the properties.
12. In the properties, navigate to the "Events" tab and find the "On Click" event.
13. Click on the "..." button next to the "On Click" event to select a microflow or nanoflow.
14. Choose the microflow or nanoflow you created in step 6.
15. Save and run your Mendix application to test the Sign Up page flow.

Now, when a user signs up and selects a specific role from the dropdown, they will be navigated to the corresponding dashboard page based on their selection. Make sure you have created the necessary dashboard pages in your Mendix application and connected them to the appropriate navigation flows in the microflow or nanoflow.

Hope this helps!