error : An unknown error occurred while starting the server.

An unknown error occurred while starting the server.How can I solve this problem      
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If you run in the Mendix cloud download your logs and examine those files. If you are running locally check your deployment directory. Inside there is a log directory with text files. That might give you some clues. But without a stacktrace or the contents of those logs it is very hard to help you.





Proposed Solution and Practical Case by Felipe

Hello! It's Felipe again. Below, I detail a general solution for issues related to attribute restrictions in entities within the domain model and share my personal experience in resolving a specific problem that might be helpful.


General Solution:

1. Error Identification: 

  • It's crucial to determine which entity is causing the problem by applying restrictions to its attributes.

2. Error Localization: 

  • To find the error, look at the red error clip shown in the console. This will give you details about the affected entity and the type of restriction causing the error.

3. Resolution: 

  • The general solution is to remove the restrictions applied to the problematic attributes of the identified entity.


My Practical Case:

In my experience, I faced a specific error related to the uniqueness restriction applied to the address attribute in one of my entities. Here is how I solved it step by step:

1. The Problem:

  • I discovered that the error originated because I had applied a uniqueness restriction to the address attribute in one of the entities, which caused conflicts in the database.

2. Diagnosis Through the Stack Trace: 

  • By reviewing the report generated by the console, specifically in the Stack Trace, I found an indication of the error at the beginning. It directly pointed me to the uniqueness restriction on the address attribute as the root of the problem.

3. Applied Solution:

  • I proceeded to remove the uniqueness restriction from the address attribute in the affected entity, which resolved the problem. After making this change, the error in the database disappeared.


Sharing my experience might be useful for those facing similar problems. Removing a specific restriction, like in my case the uniqueness on the address attribute, can be the solution to seemingly complex errors. I hope this additional detail provides you with a richer context and is helpful. Remember, we are in this together to support each other in the community!