Buttons in very large datagrids, styling or custom widget?

As the title suggests we are having trouble with a really large datagrid. We use a datagrid with up to 250 rows. In order to controll the datagrid we would like the buttons of the datagrid to scroll along or have them on the side of the datagrid. My first question is, would it be possible to restyle the datagrid to let the controll bar be styled as absolute and let it scroll along? If not, do you have a suggestion on how we could solve this in a custom widget without having to mimic a datagrid completly? Or would it be possible to extend the datagrid and if so what would be the best way to approach it? Edit after some testing i found that simply changing the styling does not work as i had hoped so how could we solve this in a custom widget?
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What style changes did you try? I can imagine that setting the number of rows fairly large, and setting the CSS overflow of the tablebody to scroll might already do the trick.