How to update the contents of a reference selector based on another reference selector

Hello, I'm trying to update the contents of a reference selector (ref_2) in a data view based on the selected value in another reference selector (ref_1). ref_2 is being filled by a microflow. When I first load the form for a new object ref_2 is empty. What I want is that when I select a value in ref_1, the available objects in ref_2 will be updated. I have tried all sorts of different tricks to get this working, including using an 'on change' event for ref_1 that refreshes the client, however I get stuck with the problem that all of the form validation takes place when I refresh the client. Does anyone have an idea how I can do this correctly? Thanks, Andrew
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What you are probably looking for is the 'Constrained by' property.

It is documented at

From the documentation,

Constrained by

A reference selector can be constrained by one or more paths. This is typically used to make one reference selector dependent on another. For example, in form where you can edit an order line, a product selector can be constrained by a category selector. After selecting a category, the product selector is constrained by this category and shows only products in the category.