Issue in code merge

Hi All, I am facing an issue while merging the code from one branch (Dev) to other branch (TEST). Due to some reasons I have exported one of the complete module from Dev branch and imported in test branch. Now, I tried to merge the changes of the same module from Dev branch to TEST branch it’s getting added newly and am facing ambiguous error. Why this is happening ? since, the expectation is to have the changes to be merged with imported module instead of getting added newly. Kindly provide me the solution that the changed should get merged whenever I am doing the merge from dev branch to test branch. Thanks in Advance !
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Dear Shalini,


The actual behaviour that you are getting in merging is the correct one and is the expected one. Ideally, when you export a module and import it, you may have kept the same module name in “TEST” branch. However, as per Mendix, these two are treated as two separate modules (since the backend identifier of module changes)


Couple of solutions that I can think of it is,

  1. If the “TEST” branch module doesnot contains any extra change, then delete the module in the “TEST” branch and then try to merge your code from “DEV” branch to “TEST” branch.
  2. Try to reverse merge your commit of changes done to “TEST” branch and then try to merge the “DEV” branch again to “TEST” branch