How can I get the sessions Username to be displayed as a string?

I started writing my first simple App. there will only be a decision to be made between 2 options. As a Result there wil be printed a message box.   As I try to personalize the page I want wo print the current users name or ID like   Good Morning “R2D2” if R2D2 started the session or “C3PO” if the current users nane or ID is “C3PO”.    Don’t know how to manage this. Does anyone have some hints?   Kind Regards   Sigmund
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Hi Thomas,


you can retrieve the username by using the variable $currentuser.

Or retrieve the account first and show the fullname of the user.


Option 1:


Option 2:


Hi Thomas,


you’ll have to use account as page paramater or create a dataview with a datasource.


After that you can use the $Account/username or $Account/Fullname in the dataview.


Datasource microflow:


Dataview on page, with parameter:


I tried this out the following:


How to convert this into string?


But there are severeral errors coming up:


I do not know what is the meaning of the first error shown in the list.


My goal is to get the username or windows user ID shown in the header of my homepage (at the position of {System.ContextType.User}