Is there a possibility to listen to a datagrid?

I want to export results on a datagrid to an external format (like XLS or CSV) based on the filters, sortings and Xpath contraints which are on the datagrid. I want to make use of the 'standard' datagrid, so I don't want to create a dataview, which acts like a datagrid. How can I manage this? Do I need a custom widget and is it possible to communicate with the datagrid widget?
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Note that "listning to a datagrid" has a special meaning in Mendix. It allows you to have a dataview show data based on the line in a datagrid selected.

Use "Export to Excel" ? it is standard available as button on Datagrid. Note that AFAIK this exports to standard excel 2003 format.

But based of that you should be able to create "export to [somethingelse]"

Also note that Mendix already has "toXML" tools too


I am aware of the export functionality. But this isn't what i am looking for. I want to use the 'result' of the data grid for a reporting tool like Jasper Reports.