Using wizards, how data storage will be done and what is the logic for next and previous buttons

Good evening team,   there are three pages in my wizard ,in first page after entering data when we click on "next" button the other page should be visible later after entering data, when click on next button another page opens and then  after entering data I will submit the data .here I have  to store and capture the data.In home page I created a button “request” ,calling a microflow ,in the microflow what logic I should use to open first page. can i use workflows here? Please suggest me. Thank you in advance
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Hi Fahima Begum Shiak,

Follow the steps given below,

Step 1: Create three pages- Wizard_One, Wizard_Two, Wizard_Three

Step 2: From home page call a microflow from buttom, in that microflow create one customer entity and pass that object to the first page(Wizard_One)

Step 3: In Wizard_One page add data view and configure customer entity. Step 4: In that page add wizard building block and configure pages in each step. Step 5: In the next button call the next wizard_two(repeat 3) for the next two page.

Step 6: In the finial page on submit button call a microflow and commit the customer entity.


Hi Ajitha Deborah D,

   thankyou for your answer, if I commit customer entity at last submit button, then what about other two entities project and problem entities.

and after storing details here I want to use a workflow inside a microflow where the request regarding problem will goto manager and then manager will assign one engineer to look after the problem and he provide a solution and then manager has to pay certain amount 


Hi Fahima Begum Shiak,


I can understand your question, so in you, case create three entities customer, Project, and problem and follow the steps:

Step 1:  Create Customer Entity, Project Entity and associate with customer(1-1), Project entity and associate with customer(1-1)

Step 2: From home page buttom call microflow and create all the entity and associate it.

Step 3: In the first page configure customer entity in dataview.

Step 4:  In second page configure the customer in data view and use data view inside dataview and configure project entity from customer association in second data view.

Step 5: In third page  configure the customer in data view and use data view inside dataview and configure problem entity by assciation from customer in second data view.

Step 6: Finially in the submit microflow pass the customer entity as parameter and retrive the project and problem entity from customer and store(Commit the data).

Step 7: After that, in the same microflow you can create workflow for problem entity to send to managers.


Ping me if you have any queries.