Multilingual database content

Multiple languages are linked to the different users of my application. Therefore, there are no language problems with titles, enumerations, labels etc. However, due to multiple language entries by the different users, I am storing multiple language data in a SQL server 2008 database. How should I deal with the multiple language data? E.g. a user who's language is set on English US would most of the time not understand the data in the database which is entered in French.
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This requires some attention, there are two options I think:

1) Separating the data in a way that will enable you to only show the data that either the user himself, or users from (for instance) the same company have entered into the database. This implies that a French user will never be able to see input from English users 2) Translating the input of the users is another option, although this will require a lot of work I suspect.

The easiest however (and probably the way most larger multinationals will handle this) is to make every user use English