How to call nanoflow from datagrid

Hello, I am trying to call a nanoflow from a datagrid1 and pass list of objects as parameter to nanoflow. But I am facing the error message as below: Error:- “Calling a nanoflow from a grid action button is not yet supported.”   Does anyone know how to solve this issue? Or atleast is there any possibility to call a Javascript action from datagrid?   Background:- I have a datagrid1 and a search filter. I use “SelectAll” button to select all the rows of the datagrid page and then I want to pass this selected objects to nanoflow and then call a Javascript function.     
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Workaround that i used: Create a dataview that is listening to the datagrid1 widget. Place it on top of the datagrid. Place the nanoflow action button inside that dataview. 



Calling a nanoflow from a data grid action button is not yet supported