Hi all, Can anyone explain me about breadcrumbs. How can we use that and navigate to other page. Thanks in Advance
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Hi Rohith,

Create a page, from the building block drag and drop breadcrumb into the page as of you need. Double tab the Item and change the onclick action to show page and select appropriate page.


Hi Babu,

To use breadcrumbs in Mendix and enable navigation to other pages, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Breadcrumbs in Page Properties:

    • Open the page where you want to display breadcrumbs in Mendix Modeler.
    • In the "Properties" tab on the right sidebar, scroll down to "General Properties."
    • Check the "Show breadcrumbs" option to enable breadcrumbs for the page.
  2. Define Page Titles and Names:

    • Ensure that each page in your Mendix application has a meaningful and unique name.
    • By default, the name of the page will be used as the label for the corresponding breadcrumb link. If you want to customize the text displayed in the breadcrumb, you can set a specific "Page title" for each page. To do this:
      • Open the page in Mendix Modeler.
      • In the "Properties" tab, under "General Properties," you'll find the "Page title" option. Set the desired title for the page.
  3. Create Navigation between Pages:

    • To enable navigation from one page to another, you can use various Mendix widgets and actions.
    • The most common way to navigate to another page is by using a "Button" widget with the "Open Page" action.
    • Add a Button widget to your page, and in its properties, set the "Action" to "Open Page."
    • Select the target page you want to navigate to using the breadcrumb.

Keep in mind that breadcrumb functionality depends on the navigation structure you define in your application. Ensure that the pages are linked logically, so the breadcrumbs can accurately represent the path a user takes as they navigate through the application.