Cant open Asset Management template in Studio Pro 10.0.0

I am using Mendix Studio Pro 10.0.0 (build 9976). I am attempting to follow along with the tutorial Extending Your Application with Custom Java for Studio Pro 10, last updated April 2023. However, when I atttempt to build an app with the Asset Management template, I get the following error:   Based on this, it seems like I cannot open this template in Studio Pro 10. However, the tutorial I am following is part of the Studio Pro 10 documentation, and was recently updated, so I am not sure what I am doing wrong.
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Hi Lee Talman,

You can able to use this template only with 9.18.0 to 9.24.99 version only. Now you are trying to open it in 10.0.0. Due to this its showing you error. You try this with above mentioned version or else use other template.