Create a login page by using Mobile Number and OTP

Hi,   I want to create a login page for my mobile web App so that 1.when I enter my mobile number as a username . 2.It must check for the number in my App and if it exists then send an OTP to me to verify and land me to my Home page. 3.If it doesn’t exists then I must see a registration page for sign in and then pass him to Landing page via OTP verification.
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Hi Amrish,

1.InSign button call a microflow, in that retrieve all account and check the current username is match with list of account using a loop.

2.create a boolean variable make that as true if username exist else make that as false.

3.Put decision check boolean variable if true, then create a String variable like ‘AA’ and create a integer variable and declare 0.

4.Add two variable by creating a new string variable as String variable +toString(integer Variable) and then send this through mail.

5.followed by add show page to show the OTP validating page.

​​​​​​​6.There check the current OTP is equal to entered OTP .

7.If username doesn’t exist then show message as user doesn’t available.​​​​​​​