Calling JSON data dynamically

Hi,   I’m trying to fetch/consume REST API from certain 3rd party application. I have followed the Consume REST API Documentation.    But when my REST API is updating with new set of data (Rest URL will be same ) how to dynamically update the JSON Parameters and Import mapping actions. So that the microflow will always trigger updated set of data that 3rd party tool contains.    Thanks,
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Hey Anurag,


Not quite certain on what you are trying to do where you need your action to change dynamically, but to give you some options to go with:


The location query parameters can be dynamically changed by storing them in variables, and using said variables in setting the location in the action. Then you can edit the variables after the action and run the same action again in a loop.
For the headers, the keys are fixed. The value are dynamic in the same way, stored in variables.


As for the import mapping of the response, to get that somewhat more dynamic you should return the response as string, and send that string to a subflow that can decide what import mapping you wish to use on it. Where the subflow might have to be rebuilt later when you extend on what you need, you can make this ridiculously configurable if you also work with the Model Reflection module.