On prem deployed application asking for login info, even though security setting allow anon users

Hello Dev’s    I’ve recently deployed my first Mendix application to our on prem server, and every time the application boots up it displays the default Mendix login screen. The first time this happened I double check the apps security to confirm if I had selected anonymous users, which I had. From there I tried to create a new deployment package, still no luck. I’ve also attempted turning off allow anon users and logging in with the username/pass listed in the setting and still no luck … when I go about it that way I just get an incorrect username/pass message. Any help/guidance on getting this login page removed would be very helpful.  
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  1. To hide login.html in your mendix project →
    In order to hide the login.html you need to turn off the project security. If project security is On (Prototype/Production), this login page will always be there. So if you set the Security level to No security, then users do not have to sign in and can access everything.
  2. To keep login.html page and only hide this page for anonymous users →
    Make sure to add Role based home page for Anonymous users

    Hope it helps!