Check In and Check Out functionality in mendix

I am trying to built check and check out functionality for employee check in portal . But I can not able forward my thought because not  having complete idea how exactly the time can be counted and how it can be stored in a variable. Is their any other ways of doing this using any extensions or any type of widget for this?   Thanks in Advance.
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Hi Asha,

This forum post would be a good starting point for you.

Essentially you will need to store two dateTimes, a checkIn time and a checkOut time.  Then you will trigger a microflow that calculates the time between the dateTimes using the minutesBetween function.  You will then need to format that minutes between value so that it reads in hours and minutes.

This forum post has a good method for displaying the time duration.  This newer post also has some ideas on how to format the time duration.

Hope this helps get you pointed the right direction!