Missing Argument For Parameter.

Hi i am trying to insert data into mysql database using mendix. so i created a page using textbox to enter data and get that data in mendix and using microflows i am trying to run sql query to insert data into mysql database. The domain Model looks like this: Here PasswordHelper is for Encryption of Password and DatabaseConfig to connect to the database and the sqlImport is the fileds/columns that i am going to add in the table. so whenever the starting page loads it should trigger the microflow and that microflow displays the homepage. (I can’t show  the homepage directly through navigation it was showing some error so i am trying this way and it’s working for different projects) This is the microflow i am triggering. And here only i am getting error as: i guess it needs parameter here for sqlImport,but i am unable to add. i even tried by selecting expression also but it is not working. can anyone help me out.
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My guess is that you wanted to add it as variable over $NewPasswordHelper/SqlImport since I can't see another object of SqlImport in the 3rd image. This isn't possible seeing that in the domain modal multiple SqlImport objects can be associated with one PasswordHelper.

Based on your question you might consider:

  • Making the association SqlImport_PasswordHelper a 1 to 1 association instead of * to 1
  • Remove the parameter “SqlImport” from the Home_Web page and, if you require the SqlImport on the page: Retrieve the SqlImport over the PasswordHelper entity.
  • Creating the object SqlImport and set the association to PasswordHelper in the microflow (else you will be passing or retrieving an empty object of type SqlImport over association PasswordHelper)