Parse URL including data sent from external web application

Hi!   I use an external web application that redirects to a Mendix page when done. From the external app I send some data to Mendix via the URL, for example I get redirected to the page http://localhost:8080/p/salesprocess  in Mendix but now with two data attributes; code and credentials id in query parameters so the complete URL in Mendix app is like http://localhost:8080/p/salesprocess?code=123&credentials_id=99. Now I want to parse this URL so I can handle the code and credentials id in my Mendix app. I have tried the java action “Get application URL” from Community Commons but this only gave me  http://localhost:8080 as a string. Is this a use case for DeepLink or is there another way I can parse this URL?
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You can use the Deeplink module for this. It has options for you to pull the path params.