How to Remove/Edit the Parameters in HomePage Setting

Hi i am trying to fetch data from mysql database and retrive in dropdown widget. My domain model looks like above. Business Areas is the table in database and names is the column in it, so i want to get data from mysql and store it in names column which in turns displays as drop-down. The databaseconfig entity is to eastablish connection to mysql. my homepage looks like: i have created microflow to execute the query to get data from mysql. in Navigation the Default home page showed some error,so i have created a microflow which shows the homepage. But i am getting error in the microflow and it is asking some parameters.  and the page setting is : i am unable to remove those parameters neither edit those. When i try to edit those its simply blank. Can anyone help me in this. How to delete or edit these parameters.  
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Hello Mohd,


Please remove the parameters from the page properties:


Hope this helps.!