Download SP Metadata - SAML20

  Hello,   How to download the SP Metadata, (for proceeding to IDP configuration).   We are trying to configure SAML20 in Mendix 10, there was no “download sp metadata” in SP Configuration like we use to have in previous versions (eg. 9.6/9.7).    For configuring IDP, we require sp metadata file. can anyone guide how to get the required details. Since Reading IDP metadata is required field, not allowing to move to next steps without any upload.   TIA.
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I think you are trying to download it before finishing the configuration. Right?

Try completing all the configuration(i suggest you pick all default settings initially) and in the final Success page (it says Great in the end on a Popup) you get an option to download the SP Metadata

Once that is done, you can anyday download the SP Metadata using that Download button in the Edit page.


Good luck