While trying to login, this error appears error 401 EXUNAUTHORIZED before accessing the main dashboard

We’ve our login page written in Keyclock which redirects the user after a successful login but the XASSESSIONID and __Host-XASSESSIONID is displaying this error sometimes. after some testing, I found out that maybe it’s happening because of the conflict between these two cookies for not having the same value. Because of the last login session, it might still has the old key in one of them which fails to retinitialize with the new value. When I delete these two cookies manually, the error disappears and I get redirected to the landing dashboard (where I’m supposed to eb redirected after the successful login). it shows that it’s not the login problem. it’s only a problem of setting these two cookies correctly during the redirection process. How can I test this analysis to make sure it’s the real cause? What can I do to resolve this issue please? Thank you for the support.
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