enumeration value to string

I want to view the enumeration value in drop down option to display as string value in textbox i.e Enum should be changed to string..For that I came to know that it can be done by adding expression in textbox option..can anyone tell me how to do that ?
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Hi Nithish,


You can simply add a drop-down widget, linked to your enumeration value, and set the editability to ‘Never’. This will then display your enumeration value’s caption as set up in the user’s language. Based on your read-only style, this can either display in a box or as text.


Hope it helps!


If you mean to display it in a Text widget (not a Input Element “Text box” widget)  you can just add it as parameter.


If you mean the Text Box input widget, you could prefill a string attribute with the enum to show the enum. If this is not what you are searching for, please specify your question a bit more (perhaps add some screenshots).