XML Import Mapping

Hi all! In my app I'm using a call REST service which returns xml as a response. I'm trying to set up xml import mapping, but with no success. It simply doesn't create the list of objects that I'm expecting and there are no errors in the console so I don't know what is wrong. If I set the response type of my call REST service to string, it works, so I know that the issue is with mapping not the API call. Here it says that xsd construct 'sequence’ can only occur once in the xsd file, but in my file it appears 3 times so I suppose this could be the reason it doesn't work. The question is – is it possible to somehow reconstruct my xsd file to only have it once? This is my first time dealing with xml so I would appreciate some help, thank you!   Here's my xsd file. I probably have issues with the header too:
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