Widget caching problems

I am finiding myself in some caching problems with widgets. This time it is not the browser that has these problems but rather the modeller. I updated one of my widgets and tried to redeploy it but the browser kept using my old widget file. So i deleted my browser history, my deployment directory and recreated the mpk file. But still when i deployed my widget, the older version was loaded. I then tried to load it on a different computer under the same version of mendix and that one did show the desired result. I also tried to create a new xml file so that the widget would be forced to update. this did indeed update my widget definition but still not the js file. When i compare the deployed widget files in my deployment directory it also shows my older version of my widget. Did anyone every encounter these problems and how can one bypass them? Edit: Apparently there was a conflict between one of my other widgets and the new one. A lesson for all i guess :] Be carefull not to add your widget files into a different archive this will cause conflicts.
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