Asset Management

Hi, Experts iam currently working on Asset management Module , I’m Trying to track the assets record in History Entity for example if we a new asset is assigned to a person , A new record should get inserted and should track the Assigned Date , If the manager assigned the asset to another person Same the details has to be recorded , If the asset gets unassigned the Unassigned date should be recorded , Suggest a way to resolve this. The assets overall history should get tracked  I’ve created a page to assign and unassign    
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  1. Change the entity "History"  with the following attributes:

    • Asset (Association to the Asset entity)
    • AssignedTo (Association to the Person entity)
    • AssignedBy (Association to the Person entity)
    • AssignedDate (DateTime)
    • UnassignedDate (DateTime)
  2. Create a microflow that handles asset assignment. When an asset is assigned to a person, use this microflow to create a new History object. Set the "Asset," "AssignedTo," "AssignedBy," and "AssignedDate" attributes in the new record.

  3. Similarly, create a microflow for unassigning assets. When an asset is unassigned, update the corresponding History object with the "UnassignedDate."

  4. In your application's business logic, ensure that whenever an asset is assigned, unassigned, or reassigned, you trigger the appropriate microflows to update the History objects.