Retrieve data from associated objects

I’m currently working on a project..I created 5 entities ( let it be one,two,three,four,five) and I used one entity with 1st page , two entity with 2nd page , and so on..for the ‘next’ button presenting in the the bottom of every , a microdlow is used with previous entity as parameter to open and next page and link the attributes of that entity..the thing is at last page I’m not able to get the entity data from one ,two,three entities..I’m able to get data from only entities five and four..even all entities are there in association I’m unable to get it...can anyone get me the solution ? ( much helpful if it is with scrteenshot ) 
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What do you mean by 'not able to get the entity data from one, two, three'? What data do you want to show or in what way do you want to use the entities?

In visibility XPaths you can only use data from a directly associated entity (so in the case of Five, only data from Four).

In reference selectors, you don't even want to use deeply associated objects, since this is a huge performance drain.


Could you please provide a little more context?