Remove numbers from string

I have a string containing both numbers and text. I want to convert this string to a text-only string, e.g.: 91 Inter-company charges convert to: Inter-company charges Does anyone know how to do this, without using Java, (I'm using modeler version!)
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Doing this in a microflow in version 2.4 of the framework is really hard. Make a Java action that takes a string as parameter and returns a string as well. Put this code between BEGIN USER CODE and END USER CODE:

return inputString.replaceAll("[\\d]", "");

Or upgrade to version 2.5 and do it in a microflow :)


In a microflow:

replaceAll($yourvalue, '[0-9]', '')

Or, if you want to remove integers at the beginning of your string only:

replaceAll($yourvalue, '$[0-9]', '')