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Hi , experts i currently working on company management In this Admin, Customer , User are the three roles admin can create customers and Customers can create Users in this scenario I Created the customer with the Company Keystone.  If the customer creating user the same company name has to be passed automatically For eg If the TCS customer creating User The Company name should get automatically passed and Tcs users should not be visible to CTS and keystone users .  In save microflow of the user  How to pass the company object automatically into user account  If The Tcs customer creating a user the company name TCs should get automatically passed into the user without selecting the Company in dropdown    
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Hi Sankar,


To make sure the company users are not visible to each other, you can use access rules on the user entity.

Passing the company object needs to be done before showing the edit page of the user. Retrieve the company from the current user and create a user object with this company. 

The flow will look something like this:



With this XPath for the retrieve: 


Optionally, you can set the editability to never on the page.

Hope this is the answer you were looking for.


Hi Sanker,

You can implement a constraint directly within the entity, limiting access to specific companies based on current user affiliation.

So, you need to follow two steps:

1. Configure Xpath constraint in the entity:



2. Enable “Apply entity access” in Properties > General > Security: