How to show selected items information on next screen

In my app I have 2 screens. Screen 1 displays item list . I want to implement this functionality that When I click an item/button from Screen 1 then user should be navigated to Screen 2 and display selected item’s details(Supplier information) on Screen 2. A buyer has multiple suppliers.   screen 1: Circled button is used to view item details on next screen. The selected variable is Buyer and it is of String data type. this is used to select buyer and then show buyer information on screen 2.   Screen 2: Displays selected buyer’s information from screen 1   Please tell me if this is possible ?
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Yes it is. You can pass multiple parameters to a microflow or another screen. I assume this button is on a listview or datagrid with items? Then the first parameter would be an object parameter item. Now you also need to pass the buyer. You mention a string but that seems strange to me. Is the buyer also not an entity? If the buyer is also just an entity you can also pass that object to the microflow and do stuff with it and then open a page or just open the next page. Then on the next page you then use those two parameters to show the stuff you need to show.