How Much Does it Cost to Make a Massage App like Soothe?

I'm exploring the idea of creating a massage app similar to Soothe and I'm curious about the potential costs involved. If you have experience or insights in app development, I'd greatly appreciate your input on the following: What factors contribute to the cost of developing a massage app like Soothe? (e.g., features, platform, user interface, payment processing) Are there any specific development or maintenance expenses I should be aware of? Have you or anyone you know worked on a similar app? If so, could you share any ballpark figures or cost ranges that I might consider? Are there cost-saving strategies or resources you'd recommend for someone looking to create a massage app on a budget? Any information or guidance you could provide would be incredibly helpful as I begin to explore the feasibility of this project. Feel free to share your experiences or any relevant knowledge you have. Thanks in advance for your insights!
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Hi Jenifer,

Answering your questions is quite the task. You can have a look at the low-code live build , which showcases the development of a few features of a Chat App. The amount of preparation that went into that showcase of about 60 minutes is much higher, of course. Food for thought: Maintenance cost; Device; PWA/Native; Platform License Cost ;