Diesel Engine management

Hi, Experts I’m working on the diesel engine management system , Here whenever a diesel engine is created the temperature and humidity should get automatically linked  For eg if i create temp and humidity in the name humidity and temperature the linked parameters of the diesel engine should be visible   When i press this view button the respective temperature and humidity parameter should be shown Please help how to link the temperature and humidity in the Diesel engine. Like wise when we create a diesel engine The parameter temperature and humidity should get automatically connected to the diesel engine . In the view button i called a microflow where i created a object and linked to the DG parameter This is what i have done .Please tell how to link the diesel engine and parameter In This pop up I want to show the temperature and humidity parameter alone
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You have to drop a dataview inside this existing dataview and choose association over DGParameter to then endup in Parameter entity. That should prefill the page for you.
So if you have fillled the data properly in the microflow before showing the page, it should show the values.