How to create and send a link via email to open a particular editable page?

Hi Experts, I want a link in my email template. When clicked, should redirect me to open an editable page. The email configuration is working fine.  Can anybody guide me how I can achieve this?   Regards, Simran.
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Hi Simran,


For getting the URL in the mail template:

You can use email tokens to achieve that goal:

I also found a video of a user going over it and there are probably other resources you can find online! In the token you will put the generated URL to the link.


For genererating the URL, this is done in 2 parts:

  1. Creating the start of the URL, you can use the communitycommons module “GetApplicationUrl” to retrieve the Url of your environment so that you don't have to hardcode this part and it works on all environments regardless of domain name changes.
  2. Creating the path to the page. You can make a deeplink for this or you can use the default Mendix URL you can give on a page (for example /YourObject/edit/{id}). The object ID you can retrieve using the java action getGUID from the CommunityCommons.