Mini Surveys not appearing

Hi, I am trying to add a mini survey to my app. I have added the survey in DevPortal. It is currently running. I have followed all the implementation instructions and can’t see anything I’ve missed.  And yet, when I run the app (with the widget on the landing page) there is no sign of my survey. I get the following error (twice) in the console: Log node: REST Publish Message: An unexpected error occurred while handling REST request  Stack trace: java.lang.RuntimeException: Non-standard status codes cannot be created by implicit conversion. Use `StatusCodes.custom` instead.     at akka.http.scaladsl.model.StatusCode$.$anonfun$int2StatusCode$1(StatusCode.scala:29)     at scala.Option.getOrElse(Option.scala:201)     at akka.http.scaladsl.model.StatusCode$.int2StatusCode(StatusCode.scala:28)     at etc etc   Any clues as to what I’m missing?   Thanks in advance.
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Problem was solved temporarily by turning off our cloud security.  Obviously, this isn’t a long term solution.