migrate to on-premise Git repository from on-premise SVN repository

Hi experts, Would you please help me with migrating existing project (with all branches and history) to On-premise Git repository? We are currently working on Mendix9.24 with several branches in Onpremise-SVN repository. As Mendix10 does not support SVN, we are trying to migrate mendix resources to Onpremise-Git repository.   The steps I have gone through is  1.Clone git by selecting the SVN repository URL as the source using Tortoise Git tool. 2.Push the created local git repository to the Git repository URL. 3.Open ‘master’ and ‘main’ 4.NOT able to open the branch through ‘Branch line manager’, the error says there is no such a branch   Have somebody tried migrating resources from svn to git both on premise with all branches? Any advice would be welcomed.   Thanks in Advance, Yuki   I really wish the svn to be back in Mendix 10…..
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