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Dear community! I need to know how to make an application send a mail every time I make a registration, the mail should be sent to several emails according to the client selected in said registration. This email must contain registration information, attach a PDF. Your help please
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You can use this email connector, to send emails  - Mendix Marketplace - Email Connector

Thanks to this module, you can send emails from a template, in which you will be able to include all the information, you do this with the microflow.




you can use the "Email Connector" module from the Mendix Marketplace. This module provides the necessary functionalities to send emails from your Mendix application.

  1. Set Up Email Templates: Define email templates that include placeholders for dynamic content, such as registration information. 

  2. Create a Microflow: Create a microflow that gets triggered whenever a new registration is made. In this microflow, you will perform the following steps:

    • Retrieve registration information and the selected client.
    • Use the "Send Email" action from the "Email Connector" module to send an email.
    • Set the recipient email addresses based on the selected client. You might need to create an association between the client entity and the email addresses associated with them.
    • Fill in the email template with dynamic content, using the registration information.
    • Attach the pdf to the email.
  3. Configure Send Email Action: When configuring the "Send Email" action in the microflow, you can select the appropriate email template you created earlier. Make sure to set the subject, body, and any dynamic placeholders.




To send Email in mendix application, you can download the Email Connector module from the Mendix Marketplace.

Also Download the following dependent modules :

Mx Model Reflection : http://

Encryption :

After downloading the above dependency modules, Provide a value for the EncryptionKey constant provided by the Encryption module.

For more details check the following documentation



Could you help me with a basic microflow when I click the save button, it runs the microflow and email the form information