Asset Management

Hi experts im currently working on asset management in this i try to retreive all history of the assets Like example Asset created Date Asset Assigned Date to user Asset unassigned Date issue Raised date against the asset  Issue created User, issue Solved user all these thing I’m trying to retrieve In asset History Page  In event type i created an enumeration Based on the Type the event date will differ . So that all asset history will be tracked , In asset creating microflow i tried to set the current date and time for the Eventdatetime and tried to change the status as asset created but both are not working help me in this scenario . 
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Hello Sankar, 


My guess is that this probably has something to do with security. I would check to make sure that whatever user you are logged in as, has read access to these particular fields/associations in the related entity(s). Especially considering it seems you set all of these fields at the same time, and see some of them and don’t see others. 


Hope this helps!