Invalid JSONRequest JSONObject[operationId] not found.

Hello everyone. I’m try to implement the SSO login in my app using AzureId as IdP however when i try to edit the azure configurations to select a scope or set the selected claims i get this error: Invalid JSONRequest JSONObject["operationId"] not found. But the fild is filled in correctly and i dont know why this error appear. Does anyone able to helpe me with? Ive already tryed:  clear the browser cookies and cache restart the mendix application delete and create again the azure configurations Until now nothing seems work and i have no options more to solve the problem. The implementation works but the error mesage keep appear and i dont think its a friendly mesage to be seen to the final user. Mendix version 9.24.6      
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if you Add a dataview around the datagrid,you can try Remove the dataview