Import mapping - how can I achieve not to update existing records?

Hi,    I created a JSON structure to sync events into my application via API. I have a microflow that authenticates, then posts the request to, then processes the answer with import mapping. answers with a JSON containing all the records of my events, hosts, and venues. I had to create a microflow to map the venues in the import mapping, in which I look up if the venue already exists. I had to do this because sometimes the venue is empty (not provided on which was throwing an error.    My issue is, that on some venue details are missing or incorrect. When I do the sync it is overwriting whatever I already modified in an existing venue.    What should I do to only create new venues and do not overwrite data in existing ones? This is my import mapping and the settings for the Venue:     And this is the event lookup microflow:     Thank you!
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Hi Peter,

A possible solution to only add new Venue objects is to use a Subtract operation from the List Operations.

The two lists that you are going to compare are the list of Venue objects that you retrieved with your import mapping and the other one is a retrieve of Venue objects from the database. This way you subtract the objects that are already added in the database.

I hope this helps you, best regards!