MediaWiki API connection with Mendix

Hi all,   I want to pull data from but I am a beginner and I am not sure how to do this. I found this help page: but I am too much of a beginner to figure out if this is even compatible with Mendix.   I was looking at the Mendix tutorial: Mendix Academy - Importing and Exporting Your Data specifically at the REST services chapters, but, to me, it doesn't seem to be compatible with the swimrankings website/API.    Can someone tell me if it's even possible to link the swimrankings API with a Mendix app, if so; is there any tutorial or explanation of how I can integrate these?   Kind regards,   Jeroen
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Yes, I think you can. You can format as JSON which will fit Mendix REST actions very well:

I would especially recommend following these steps to get familiar with this capability: