Application node disk space out of memory issue

I'm working on a Mendix application that involves handling static HTML files containing internal navigation links. Clicking on these links should lead to other static HTML files. To enable this functionality within Mendix, we currently store all these static HTML files and their associated CSS files directly within the web folder of the application server node. Due to the existence of multiple versions of these files, each bundle being approximately 500 MB in size, substantial disk space is being consumed. Is there a potential solution/workaround to address this concern?
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I'm happy to be creative and find some way to use the Storage Space instead of the Application Node Disk Space via some published REST API, but maybe it's easier to explore the options of increasing the Application Node Disk Space.

Do you use the Mendix Cloud? In that case you could request (via a ticket) to buy some extra or move some space such that you have more Application Node Disk Space available. Check in the Metics to see if and when you will reach the limit:


Do you use On Premises or Private Cloud? Then ask your infrastructure team to increase the storage on the application node.

If you really want to make a work-around, you could develop a Published REST API, serving the files. If the folder structure is quite flat, this isn't that difficult. And optionally you can store the files zipped and unzip them on request. Suggestion for setup: