Asset management

Hi, Experts I’m currently working on the asset Management module . In This I want to add the camera access for the required places. Like if an person facing issues in his assigned asset. He has to able to access his camera and get capture the issue in the laptop and send to the manager .   It is more acting like ticketing tool , If a person has an issue in his asset for eg He has an error in his laptop he can raise an issue to the manager . So that The manager will assign a person and he will clear the issue  In this while raising an issue for the asset . He may get  issue and issue description ,I’m asking    along with description a person may attach a proof for the issue for that he may able to access his camera, for that tell me how to access the camera
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If you want to capture a image with the camera on your device (desktop or mobile), you need a specific input element.


<input type="file" id="theImageFile" capture="user" accept="image/*">


You can check the ‘Image uploader’ widget but i am not sure if this will be able to use the ‘capture’ feature.

You can change this HTML attribute with the ‘Accessibility Helper’ utility from the Mendix Marketplace.


Or you can use a preconfigured widget from the marketplace like this one: