Mendix E-Mail Module with Templates Time Localization

Hello Mendixers! I am currently implementing a simple e-mail reminder sender functionality, which works totally except for one thing –retrieving both the date and a time from a token. So it actually retrieves it, as I set it in my microflow and in the E-mail Configuration snippet by configuring the appropriate display pattern.   For context, throughout all my app I have been using only non-localized dates/times. When I run my date/time variable through the E-mail functionality, it seems to localize it either way, and if I change localization or if I parse it as UTC, it actually double localizes it. This is the microflow in which I am doing all the e-mail mechanics.   And this is the object where I create all my attributes, to be used as tokens.   I am expecting to see this date and time in my email. But in my e-mail, I get the session time ( it basically localizes it ). If I change my laptop’s timezone from Windows however, if I set it as UTC, it still adds one hour for some reason. Below UTC, no matter which timezone I put , it will always do it one hour after.  Is this a Java related issue deep within the E-mail Module or am I actually missing something? Thank you! ​​​​
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