PDF page margins for PDF Document Generation

Hi there. I'm currently busy trying generate PDFs using the new PDF Document Geeration module and I have come accross an issue where  I can't seem to find a way to change the page margins.   In my use case… I have an unlimited string attribute which I would like to use in a list view widget on the page that is set to be for the PDF document. I've set the wrap option for the text so that it will just break up and separate the text onto separate pages where needed. The only issue left is the spacing, or lack there of, on the page. If there is anyone able to help with this, that would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks in advance!
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Hi Alexander,


To set the page margin for all pages, you could use the following CSS. This sets the margin on page-level, instead of applying it to specific elements. This enables you to add reliable page margins, even when the content overflows a single page.


@page {
  margin: 10mm;

Hope this helps!


Hi Alexander,

There are multiple options to setup a padding. If the padding option is not available, you can use the style editor (just like the 2nd image)
Otherwise you can use the Template grid, and in a single cell you can use a Table of 1x1 and then use those settings of padding (make sure you click on the Table and not the cell itself.

Or use the Style editor


If you want the properties of the whole template you can also set the padding etc. in there