Downloading/Showing files in PWA

Hi all, I’m currently building a PWA application, and one of the functionalities I need is that the user can download a documentation file. The file is synchrnozied from the server side to the device. I can’t think of a way how to actually download/show the file to the user. These are my problems: 1. The download file activity is only available in a MF. 2. In a MF called from a NF you can only pass NP entities. 3. You can’t us MF under a button that is used from a page in an offline navigation profile.  4. You can only pass non-persistable entities into a MF called from a NF. 5. I can’t create a NP filedocument entity to do so.  Any ideas? :)  I already tried the solution mentioned in this article. But that only works for actual native apps.
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Hi Chelsea, 

When you know the the GUID of the Filedocument, you can use the following URL in an 'OpenURL' activity within a nanoflow to open/download the file. Make sure you have the correct access rights. Retrieve the GUID in a microflow using the getGuid activity from CommunityCommons:


[application Url]/file?guid=[guid]