How can I diagnose and solve SVN to Git migration failing?

I’m trying to migrate my companies Mendix application from SVN to Git, but it keeps failing every time we try.   The app has had 5878 commits (approx.) with any redundant branches pruned – and any necessary ones upgraded to v9.24.0 – before initiating the migration on Developer Portal.   The advice in Mendix docs here: doesn’t really tell me much about how to solve the issue other than reviewing branch line naming conventions.   I’ve checked the apps logs and can’t find anything pertinent to the failing migration in there. Is there a stack trace of the migration error that can be found anywhere to see what could be causing the issue, or is this one to raise with Mx support?
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It’s likely that your repository is too large. This error message has been showing on the git migration documents for several months.



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