Patient should be able to cancel the appointment the day before.

Patient should be able to cancel the appointment the day before. Example:--- i have booked on 30-08-2023 means i need to cancel before the specific date and also not even on booked date [In a page], it should cancel only on page not in database
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Hello Pujitha,


Can you please provide more information about what it means by In a Page and not in database? 

Do we also need to exclude the date of booking(supposed you booked the appointment on Sept 09, 2023) and the booked date (appointment date: Sept 09, 2023), Is that correct?


Please brief your requirements so that we can answer appropriately.



Hi Pujitha,

               I am Jhansi!!

               Building a project has already been address in your previous post.

Now make use of the status attribute which is already existing in the appointments entity.

Add an enumeration value to status as cancelled.


While viewing patients appoints you will have to use a list view, so you can have your customisation application like using a button for each appointment.

For each appointment you will be able to see a button.

On clicking this microflow, you will check date and check if the date is less than one day.

               Yes – Cancel successfully by changing the status of the appointment as cancelled

                              Commit and refresh

               No – Show a popup validation note saying you will not be able to cancel the appointment.

                              If need code your own custom message in that.

Additionally, you will have to make another change.

While showing the list of appointment to Doctor, retrieve appointments that are not cancelled.




Please refer the previous post of your for complete reference of the implementation.

Hope it helps!!!