After merging local feature branch into main branch, changes are not reflecting in main branch?

I want to merge code from local feature branch into main merge branch but after merging code changes are not being reflected in main branch. So, the workaround I am using now is merging using “Port fix” option and the version is 10.2.0 Is merging using Port fix is only option available as of now or is there anything i am missing?  
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Here are some general steps you can follow to merge branches in Git:

  1. Ensure You Are on the Target Branch:

    • Before starting the merge, make sure you are on the branch where you want to merge changes. In your case, switch to the main branch:

      bashCopy code

      git checkout main

  2. Pull Latest Changes:

    • Pull the latest changes from the main branch to ensure you have the most up-to-date code:

      bashCopy code

      git pull origin main

  3. Merge Feature Branch:

    • Now, merge your feature branch into the main branch:

      bashCopy code

      git merge feature-branch

      This will apply the changes from your feature branch to the main branch.
  4. Resolve Conflicts (if any):

    • If there are merge conflicts, Git will prompt you to resolve them. After resolving conflicts, you'll need to commit the changes.
  5. Push Changes:

    • Finally, push the changes to the remote repository:

      bashCopy code

      git push origin main

If you are still facing issues, it's important to understand the specifics of your Git workflow and repository structure. Additionally, the "Port fix" option seems to be a specific terminology that might be used in the context of your version control system or workflow.

Consider checking the documentation of your version control system (like Git) or consulting with your team to understand any project-specific processes or conventions. If "Port fix" is a specific process used in your project, it would be beneficial to refer to your project's documentation or seek assistance from your team members to understand the correct usage and any specific configurations required.


I am having the same issue at the moment. Were you able to figure it out?




Did you tried to open Git bash in your Project Folder?

Check the Status with git status in your branch, if it up to date chsnge to Main and use git merge <yourbranch>


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