References set need to take Doctor Entity data only not another Patient entity Data?

Hi, I have application where using references set as dropdown it should show only doctor data , but it is displaying patient data and doctor data both i need restrict the patient data? how?
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Hi Poola,

Please see the screenshot. The best way to be sure that you select what you want is to limit through ‘Selectable objects’ tab. In your case I can't say what makes patient names and doctor names come together, but it can be solved this way.


You can do it by an xpath or by using a microflow that retrieves correct data.


I hope this work around works



I think what Ferhat is saying is, how do yo know what account is a doctor an what account is a patient. Do  you have an attribute on account that specifies this, eg and enumeration, or you want to use the user role related to the account? Please take a look at the lecture below. It explains how to use selectable objects.

additional information can be found in the documentation