Conditional Disabling of Buttons

I’ve two tables I’ve start date and end date columns for an event in one table(Master table for configuring the multiple events) and another table stores the data related to that event(Let’s say table data).  I’ve created the overview pages for Data table and I want to enable/disable new and edit button on a condition. The condition is that created date(which is set to default today) of Data table should be between start and end date mentioned in the Master table how that can be done in Mendix Studio. Thanks for your help in advance.  
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Do you use DataGrid2 to display the tables? If you mark the column with the button as ‘Custom Content’ you can now add the button to the column.


In this field you can now add a DataView widget to retrieve the Master table.

In this DataView you can add a button and configure the visibility as you wish.